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VegerWeb delivers website, blog, forum and e-Commerce solutions. Select the combination of products you require, fill in your details and you are ready to go!

Secure WebsiteAll the web applications that VegerWeb builds and hosts are secured using HTTPS communication. The required HTTPS certificate can be bought from an official certificate authority. Or a free certificate of Let's Encrypt can be used.

You can pick you own domain name and VegerWeb makes sure it gets registered (and owned by you!). Note that additional (yearly) costs for the domain name are added, these costs vary depending on the chosen top level domain (TLD). We add a 10% extra to the prices, for registering and supporting the domain.

Already own you domain name? No problem! We will help you configuring it properly to get all features of your bought product(s).


The 'Base' item consists of a website that can be managed with a content management system (CMS). The fully functioning and mobile-friendly website can be build using pages, images and menus. The CMS helps you with creating the page content, uploading the images and customizing the layout according to your wishes.

All our customers have access to our (internal) issue tracker, so progress on feature development can be tracked, and unexpected issues can be easily reported and monitored.


The 'Blog' item extends the Base with blogging functionality. Besides blog posts with comments (can be enabled/disabled), it provides archives, tags (clouds), categories, author info, a RSS feed, and more.


Enables all products for a discounted price. Currently, the price is slightly higher than the separate items, but this price will not increase when the 'planned' items are added!



€ 2.50** / month
  • Pages
  • Images (upload, browser)
  • Layout (menu, styles, etc.)
  • Visitor Analytics
  • 50MB Storage


€ 1.50** / month
  • Requires Base
  • Posts
  • Comments (optional)
  • Feed


€ 2.-** / month
  • Requires Base
  • Forum
  • Administrative user


€ 3.-** / month
  • Requires Base
  • Items
  • Cart
  • Payment
  • Additional Storage

All* (discount)

€ 3.50** / month
  • Base
  • Blog (soon)
  • Forum (planned)
  • e-Commerce (planned)

  • * Price for existing customers who opted in for 'All' will not increase when other products are added (and price for 'All' increases).
  • ** All prices are excluding VAT.

Select the product(s) you are interested in and fill in the details below to place an order. We will contact you to confirm the order and to get further details about (purchasing) a hostname, payment and other information.