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Forge of Empires Inspector

Forge of Empires Inspector is the browser extension that helps you playing Forge of Empires, saving your time and (thereby) giving you an advantage over other players:

  • Great Buildings information

    FoEI great buildings screen

    • How much SP are required be sure of a spot? And what is your profit?
    • How far should you fill your GB to be able to boost? And are your spots secured and filled properly?
    • Overview of a players GBs and when they got SPs for the last time (activity)
  • Plunder Information

    FoEI plunder screen

    • What is currently available to plunder? (Is is worth to pay a visit?)
  • Rewards Information

    FoEI rewards screen

    • Available rewards including position details, and time left
    • Future (up to a day) rewards that will appear and when they appear!!
  • Guild versus Guild (GvG) Information

    FoEI GvG screen

    • Shows (known) defending units of a sector
  • Supports multiple worlds/servers simultaneously
  • Export (and import) the extension data, so you can see what it stored and make backups
  • and more (to come)...!