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Hello, World!

Before I start with this blog/website, I want to tell a little about myself and why I started this.

I have been writing software all my life, starting as a hobby, next as part of my education and now as a professional as well. Of course software development stayed as hobby. I am experienced in low-level software development on embedded devices (C, C++), tool/editor development (Java, Python), front-end (PHP, Ruby), back-end (PHP, Node.JS), mobile/Android (Java), and probably much more.

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I am currently working on something bigger than usual, and are in a finishing phase of the project. I really think that it might be something of a (moderate) success (more on this in a later post/announcement). So I founded the company VegerWeb to be able to support this project and future endeavors. Additionally, I like to gain experience of founding and managing an own company.

In all these years I have gracefully used all kinds of information, starting with books and soon from the Internet. Then came StackOverflow, I gained lots of information from it and it provided me with a way to give something back. I roamed the questions in order to help out where I could. StackOverflow is not very suitable to tell about more complex issues which cannot be formulated in a single question. So I have been thinking about starting a blog to have more space to write about complex cases I encountered (and solved), that are not already fully described in one of the many blogs out there.

profile for Veger at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers
(I guess the name of my company/blog is clear by now :D)